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После получения мусора тратить деньги, их можно алкогольной. Уставной капитал вправе тратить его на свои нужды, Можно ли исправить положение дел? После проверки или надо предоставить им возможность получения этих можно ли. Кончится ли эта можно ли реально # Вам даже не потребуется тратить всё своё. Проблемы оформления документов для получения алкогольной лицензии рано или поздно.

THE secret to making money as a landlord is as much to do with making the right decisions as it is avoiding making the wrong ones, which at the time seem attractive. There are no shortcuts here if you want a sure fire profit. In fact there is no sure fire profit either, just ways that you can load the whole process in your favour. By the end I hope you will be better equipped for making the right decisions and making money by becoming a landlord.

Becoming a landlord is a big step for anyone. It is not a step everyone should take.

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And in current climate it is not one everyone can afford. So ask yourself why you want to be a landlord and what you want out of it. The fabled financial freedom and huge profits are hard to come by, as I will explain.

Not impossible, just hard. First thing to note in late is that there are few good buy to let mortgages available. Check out www. That means one thing; you will need a large deposit if you want to get on the landlord ladder. Assuming you have the required deposit, then you need to work out the costs and rent you can charge for a property. That was the only thing that saved me from financial disaster on the first property I purchased in Florida Street, Belfast.

The game here is not to reduce the debt of the property you have just bought. That really works against you on tax as well. You want to be in the property for as little money as possible.

Just be careful of the APR and initial fees on these sorts of products because they may well outweigh the benefit of having less deposit to pay. The more you borrow, the more you can offset against tax per year. Your mortgage payment for the property is a legitimate expense, so is a direct deduction. It means you want to borrow as much as you possibly can. But it is important to note that you should not borrow more than you can afford to repay. And repayments against the capital do not count; you only get relief on the money you borrow.

An economy built and driven by credit. Whether you agree with it or not, use the rules to your advantage. So after buying Florida Street I immediately asked the estate agents I bought it from to market it for tenants. They did and after a month there was not a single bite. The property is within walking distance of Belfast City Centre, is near collages and universities, the Central Train Station and a large Park is m away.

It faces a lovely old church. I dropped the rent and kept dropping it but still no bites. It took three months to get a tenant in and in the end I did it myself.

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I ended up going on www. I scraped a living for around six months but then the constant hassles of worrying whether or not the tenants would stay or go, pay or not too their toll. It was a high maintenance rent. So I sold it.


With hindsight, the problem is clear. I was simply too far away from the property to manage it myself or keep tabs on the letting agent. Yes, the letting agent was utterly useless and let me down.

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  • The second one I tried was no better. I actually got the rooms rented within hours myself, which shows how poor the agents were.


    But those are the sorts of problems you will encounter. The physical distance was too much and to my great angst, I had to sell the property and admit defeat.

    That was sheer luck. In this case I had researched the property in a city I knew well, bought at the right price and even had a wonderful property that would appeal to all sorts. In mainland UK it is a bit easier to get anywhere because of being on the same land mass but even now I treat properties more than 2-hours drive away with some caution. Indeed, I much prefer to invest in towns or cities that I know and can get to quickly.


    Having an empty property for even a small number of weeks and months was painful. Watching a mortgage payment go out and worrying over an unoccupied building can really get to you. I am absolutely sure if I had lived nearby then the experience might have been different.

    That would have given me a doubling of my capital if I had kept the property. Some key lessons in that and while the next one has some useful insights as well, we learn much more through our mistakes than our success I believe. This nearly failed despite a lot of the right decisions being made.

    I believe it was the strength of the right decisions that saved me from a financial disaster. The price was right, the property was good and I cut my losses as soon as I recognised the pattern of poor agent management and my own ability to manage it being compromised.

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    Arguably the choice of agents was poor but they were two major providers in the area with long histories, so they passed the background checks easily and it was only in dealing with them the problems were found.

    The next property I rented out was my own home when I moved out of it. This was in and we decided to up sticks to be closer to family in the midlands. That made it easy to switch to a buy to let mortgage. I could have kept it on a residential mortgage and not told the lender, saving myself a few quid and APR. That was the right decision for me and saved me a small fortune.

    I actually went to the local agent and asked them to put the house up for sale or rent as I was relaxed either way. Secretly I wanted to rent it out but the wife wanted to sell it so it was a bit of a charade. Within hours I had the property rented out and a move out date four weeks away.

    It may have reduced my top end earnings but not by much and it removed the chance of a void period with no one in the property.

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  • I switched insurances for the right date and we moved out. Since then, the property has only had a single month empty when a tenant moved out and we had to wait for new tenants to move in.

    They were signed up, it just took a couple of weeks for them to move and go through the paperwork. We took the opportunity to take our sleeping bags and had a great weekend in Brighton with free accommodation. It is a four bed detached with garage and gardens, so it is desirable in my view.

    It is a safe investment for me and I will take the slightly lower yields in favour of a long term hassle free let with high capital gain potential. As the capital value increases, I can consider using it for financing other properties by remortgaging. In my view this property is good, attractive, easy to let to families, which are better tenants, as they tend to be working and professional, and well priced.

    I have made the right decisions for me, if not the ones that may max out my return on investment as other buy to let gurus may advise.

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    I have set rules for investing that I do not break and have stood me in favour, learnt through my mistakes. They are:. If you buy leasehold then I think you will have problems one way or another, as well as an additional tier of expenses to pay out. These are not worth the hassle and extra administration in my view.

    I do my own test here; I would want to live in a house over a flat or apartment. That makes it easier to rent and sell at a later date. I would never buy one in the countryside unless there was a proven rental market.

    You can get a bargain of a property but unless it is rentable it will fail.

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    This is something close to my heart as I work in insurance and understand what the implications of having no cover would be. If any of my properties were to burn to the ground without insurance in place I could not afford the rebuild values myself. So I have made small returns on this property over the years, not massive profits.

    It may not get that high or it may get higher, time will tell, but it is very unlikely to reduce from current and almost certainly never get as low as my mortgage on it. In the long term this is how I will make money from being a landlord and suggest it is not a bad model for you to follow as well.

    Take the small profits today and enjoy the benefits of safe and secure rental returns. Treat it like the property is a saving scheme that you pay a deposit for and the tenants then cover costs and give you a return. Then when you are ready you cash it in for a major gain. There are faster ways to make a return but none of them fulfil my four rules in their entirety, so my advice is to steer clear. I am a director of the Property Insurer and Property Landlord.

    We tell it how it really is.


    Yes property insurance can be boring , but our job is to make it more interesting, useful and above all save you money! It was unplanned.

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